Welcome to MypalTag

MypalTag is the digital ID tag that brings you peace of mind that should your four-legged friend find themselves lost, they can quickly be identified and returned to their loving home.

In the event that your pet is lost and found, anyone with a smartphone will be able to tap or scan the code on your pets MypalTag to securely view your pets own personal profile, before reporting them found.

Through the MypalTag 24 hour Report Line, it doesn’t matter what time or day of the week it is, your pet can be reported lost immediately. And we’ll notify you straight away when your pet has been found, reducing the time and upset caused when your pet goes missing.

Peace of mind for your pet with MypalTag

  1. Purchase MypalTag now using paypal or with your debit or credit card
  2. We’ll post your very own MypalTag within 24 hours. Your tag will be programmed with its very own unique code that has been assigned to your pets profile
  3. Register your MypalTag here on our website and update your pets profile with pictures, behavioural traits and any other information about your pet that you feel the ‘finder’ should know.
  4. Attach MypalTag to your pet’s collar and away they go!

MypalTag in Action

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What happens if I lose my pet?

In the distressing event that your pet does go missing, you can quickly and simply access their profile on the MyPalTag website, and change their status to ‘Lost’. This will automatically populate your pets personal profile on the ‘lost pets’ search page.

Have you found a MypalTag pet?

If you’ve found a pet that has a MypalTag attached to its collar, please follow the instructions to the right to register the pet as missing. Their owner will be eternally grateful!

Finding a pet

If your missing pet is found by another member of the public, they can very quickly and securely identify the pet and start the process of notifying the owner immediately.

  1. Tap the MypalTag with an android phone or scan the QR code with an iPhone
  2. Enter the unique number printed onto the MypalTag
  3. Follow the secure process online to notify the owner. This can be via email or telephone.
  4. Get reunited with your pet!